Call for a Researcher - 2 Vacancies (Capture)


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Call is open for the award of 2 (two) Research Initiation Fellowship (BII) at UNINOVA - Institute for the Development of New Technologies within the scope of the project CAPTURE - PTDC/EEI-AUT/1732/2020 - shuttle drone for launch and capture in cooperative and non-cooperative scenarios (, with the financial support of the FCT/MCTES OE Budget component, for the development of R&D activities to be carried out by students enrolled in a Higher Professional Technical Course, in a Bachelor’s (licenciatura) degree, in the 180 credits corresponding to the first six curricular semesters of an integrated master's degree or to develop research work associated with obtaining diplomas non-degree granting, namely advanced training courses or postgraduate courses, under the following conditions:

Area: Control and Decision Systems and Robotics

Recipient admission requirements /Profile:

  1. Have not benefited from any research grant directly or indirectly financed by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, I.P. awarded under the terms of the Research Fellowship Statute (EBI).
  2. Be enrolled in a programme on Electrical and Computer Engineering.
  3. Good academic performance in courses of the scientific area of systems and control.
  4. Have experience in modeling and control of aerial systems, focused either on fixed-wing or rotary-wing aircraft for each of the scolarships.
  5. Fluent in Portuguese and English, written and spoken.
  6. Good communication and interpersonal skills.

Candidates who have obtained the degree abroad must have the degree recognized in Portugal, pursuant to Decree-Law No. 66/2018 of August 16th.