Call for a Researcher - 1 Vacancy (IDS-PAPER )


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Call is open for the award of 1 (one) Research Grant under the Research Project IDS-PAPER - PTDC/CTM-PAM/4241/2020 - Intelligent Paper for identification systems, for the development of R&D activities to be carried out by PhD students or graduates and masters enrolled in non-academic degree courses, financed by only one component of the state budget - OE, under the following conditions:

Scientific Area: Materials Science

Recipient admission requirements /Profile:

  1. be enrolled in a PhD or be a graduate and master enrolled in a non-academic degree course;
  2. not exceed, with the conclusion of the scholarship contract in question, an accumulated period of 2 (two) years, consecutive or interspersed, if is a master enrolled in a non-academic degree course, or of 4 (four) years if enrolled enrolled in a PhD programme;
  3. have a Master in the areas of Electrotechnical Engineering, Micro and Nanotechnologies Engineering, or related fields.
  4. Experience in design and simulation of circuits based on oxide thin film transistors;
  5. Ability to work in a multidisciplinary team in an international environment and to work autonomously.
  6. Strong interest in applied research and science.
  7. Excellent communication skills with fluency in English.

Candidates who have obtained the degree abroad must have the degree recognized in Portugal, pursuant to Decree-Law No. 66/2018 of August 16th.