Call for a Researcher - 1 Vacancy (GrAlpe)


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Call is open for the award of 1 (one) Research Fellowship (BI) at UNINOVA - Institute for the Development of New Technologies within the scope of the SUB-GRANT AGREEMENT CONTRACT DIH4AI OC1 008- GrAIpe - Sub-Project AI-based Diseases Detection and Precision Spraying in Portuguese Vineyards, for the development of R&D activities to be carried out by doctoral students or by graduates and masters enrolled in courses not leading to an academic degree, under the following conditions

Area: Robotics and Integrated Manufacturing

Recipient admission requirements /Profile:

  1. Be enrolled in a PhD or be a graduate and master enrolled in a non-academic degree course in the area of Electrical and Computer Engineering;
  2. Not exceed, with the conclusion of the scholarship contract in question, including possible renewals, a cumulative period of 4 (four) years if you are enrolled in a Doctorate and 1 (one) year if you are a master enrolled in a non-academic degree for this type of scholarship
  3. MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  4. Experience in electronics and building internet of things solutions
  5. Experience in research projects in the area
  6. Experience with cybersecurity and privacy-preserving Artificial Intelligence technologies
  7. Fluent in Portuguese and English, written and spoken (mandatory).
  8. Good communication and interpersonal skills.

Candidates who have obtained the degree abroad must have the degree recognized in Portugal, pursuant to Decree-Law No. 66/2018 of August 16th.