CALL FOR A PhD Researcher - 1 Vacancy (DIH4CPS)


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A call for tender for the award of 1 Post-Doctoral Research Grant (BI) is open at UNINOVA - Institute for the Development of New Technologies under the DIH4CPS – 872548 - Fostering DIHs for Embedding Interoperability in Cyber-Physical Systems of European SMEs, funded by the H2020 Program EU, for the development of R&D activities to be carried out by PhD researchers, under the following conditions:

Scientific Area: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Application Requirements:

  1. PhD in areas related with Electrotechnical Engineering or Computer Science, finished less than three years (mandatory).
  2. Not exceed, with the conclusion of the scholarship contract in question, including possible renewals, a cumulative period of 4 (four) years if you are enrolled in a Doctorate and 1 (one) year if you are a master enrolled in a non-academic degree for this type of scholarship.
  3. Knowledge in:
    • Programming: Java, C.
    • Experienced in elaborating EC project deliverables.
  4. Experienced in European research projects, minimum 3 years (mandatory).
  5. Fluent in Portuguese and English, written and spoken (mandatory).
  6. Good organization, communication and time management skills.
  7. Dynamism and ability to perform different tasks.
  8. Immediate availability.
  9. Residence in the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon.