Madeira Digital Transformation Week, 20-28 June Funchal


UNINOVA is organizing the Madeira Digital Transformation Week (MDTWeek) next June, 20-28, in Funchal, Madeira.

The MDTWeek is a convergence of three major events, the 30th ICE IEEE/ITMC Conference, the 2nd edition of the Madeira Digital Transformation Summit and the NITIM Graduate School.

The MDTWeek will explore a wide range of digital transformation areas including Health, Manufacturing, Maritime, Smart Cities and Energy, unlocking the Digital Transformation potential. At technical side, the MDTWeek is covering topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Cybersecurity and at Societal level including Digital Literacy, Skills and Social Inclusion.

Over 400 participants are expected, bringing together recognized individualities from the European Commission, Government, Academia and Industry across different sectors.

MDTWeek is a place where you can:

  • Discuss the vision and progress of Europe’s Digital Decade by participating in several sessions across the week.
  • Network with lead industry, researchers, visionaries, entrepreneurs, stakeholders and representatives of Governmental bodies and European Commission.
  • Expand your business vision by meeting and interacting with new business partners among top corporations and industry leaders in the sector.
  • Discover research projects funded by the European Commission and meet your partners to prepare future proposals.
  • Scout the most promising top researchers from the large scientific community present in the event.

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