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The UNINOVA (Institute for the Development of New Tecnologies) is a non-profit University-Enterprise association, that was formed in 1986 by the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the New University of Lisbon (FCT-UNL), the Portuguese Industrial Association (AIP), the Professional Training and Employment Institute (IEFP), a financial holding (IPE) and other 30 companies.

The main theme of UNINOVA is to pursue scientific research, technical development, high level training and the creation of new technological innovation centers and small size industries. UNINOVA's facilities are located at the campus of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology (Quinta da Torre).

All those structures were totally financed by industrial partners and portuguese institutions for R&D promotion and by the government itself, namely on the behalf of the PEDIP Program (Specific Program for the Development of Portuguese Industry).

In 1988 the UNINOVA was recognised as a proper member of the IASP (International Association of Science Parks), due to the perfect symbiosis verified between this institution and the Faculty itself, which is in total agreement with the parameters accepted by the European Community and the OCDE.This symbiosis is more remarkable in terms of geographic proximity and the model of financing followed during the implementation of UNINOVA.

One of the most important projects for UNINOVA and FCT is the Science and Technology Park, which is composed by two main components, the Science Park (high-level teaching, basic and applied research functions) and the Technology Park (a space specially designed for the allocation of companies facilities during their incubation period).

Besides, UNINOVA is integrated in an industrial and technological development pole of Setubal District (OID/PS) and SOSET (Regional Development Society).

2002 UNINOVA - Instituto de Desenvolvimento de Novas Tecnologias