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A plurality of scientific communities in Engineering, Economics, Managerial or Socio-Human sciences are encouraged to submit. Both theoretical works and sound case studies are expected. The conference will include technical papers and discussion panels. Proposals for organizing associated events, namely by project consortia focused on the area of Collaborative Networks are welcome.


  Adaptation in Collaborative Networks

-        Emergence and self-organizing systems

-        Cognitive issues

-        Collaboration and changing cultures

-        Meeting challenges of global collaboration / competition

-        Global and local networks

 Value creation in Collaborative Networks

-        Business models for collaboration & IPR

-        Economic aspects of collaboration

-        Value systems and performance measurement

-        Social capital modelling and measurement

-        Incentive models and revenue management

-        Competitive intelligence in networked environments

 Behavioral issues and governance

-        Typologies of collaborative behaviours

-        Trust modelling and management

-        Risk and uncertainty management

-        Serious games in CN

-        Change management

 Assets management in Collaborative Networks

-        Conceptual modelling of assets

-        Valuation of intangible assets

-        Co-development of assets

-        Uncertainty and dynamicity of assets’ knowledge

-        Knowledge discovery and searching in CNs

 Collaborative social networks

-        Social network analysis

-        Societal impacts of collaboration

-        Teams and collaboration

-        Socio-technical issues for sustainable networks

-        Professional virtual communities

 Collaboration Networks Design

-        Architectures and design of Collaborative Networks

-        Collaboration patterns and forms

-        New organizational models

-        Life cycle design and support

-        Stakeholders management

-        Maturity models for CNs

-        Novel ICT approaches

 Collaborative Product and Service Development

-        Co-creation and co-innovation networks

-        Services science

-        Collaborative engineering platforms

-        Complex products life cycle management

-        “Glocal” enterprises

 Applicative areas (open !)

-        Eco-Industrial Parks

-        Healthcare collaborative systems

-        Active Ageing Networks

-        Ambient Assisted Living networks

-        Distributed manufacturing networks

-        Educational networks

-        Transportation and mobility support networks

-        Collaborative e-government

-        Agribusiness networks