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Note: PRO-VE'12 - Bournemouth, UK - Oct 2012 (To be announced soon)




"Adaptation and Value Creating Collaborative Networks "

Collaborative Networks emerged more than a decade ago, as a key issue for Economic growth and a very active area of scientific production. Dynamic collaborative organizations are an essential answer to the increasing need of strong adaptability to a constantly changing economic context. Several collaborative forms such as Virtual Organizations, Virtual Enterprises and other forms of Enterprise Networks, Professional Virtual Communities, or industry clusters and business ecosystems are now supported by large research and business practice communities. These new organizational forms put forth the development of a new theoretical background. In the recent years, many international projects have contributed to these scientific advances. The accumulated body of empiric knowledge and the size of the involved research community provide the basis for the foundation of what is now a well established scientific discipline on "Collaborative Networks". Such discipline is strongly multidisciplinary and thus PRO-VE Working Conference is designed to offer a major opportunity to mix contributions from Engineering, Economics, Managerial or Socio-Human communities.

Value creation is a major challenge for organizations in times of economic turbulence and rapid societal changes. Collaborative Networks represent a determinant inductor of value creation, not only for business communities, but also for all other entities in the society. Understanding and modelling the process, assessing, and developing methods and tools to support value creation in CNs is a major R&D challenge requiring a multidisciplinary approach. The capability of generating value in a networked society requires high self-adaptation capacity, both from participating entities in order to adhere to a collaboration culture, as well as from the CN as a whole to dynamically adjust to the needs, constraints, and opportunities posed by a rapidly changing environment.

The main theme of PRO-VE’11 focuses thus on crucial aspects to empower Collaborative Networks as a main actor of change in society.

PRO-VE, as the most focused scientific / technical conference in the area, offers a major opportunity for the presentation and discussion of both latest research developments and industrial practice case studies. Following the IFIP international mission, the PRO-VE conference offers a forum for collaboration among different regions of the world. This conference continues a series of successful conferences of PRO-VE'99 (Porto, Portugal), PRO-VE 2000 (Florianópolis, Brazil), PRO-VE'02 (Sesimbra, Portugal), PRO-VE'03 (Lugano, Switzerland), PRO-VE'04 (Toulouse, France), PRO-VE'05 (Valencia, Spain), PRO-VE'06 (Helsinki, Finland), PRO-VE'07 (Guimarães, Portugal), PRO-VE'08 (Poznan, Poland), PRO-VE'09 (Thessaloniki, Greece), and PRO-VE'10 (Saint-Etienne, France).