11th IFIP Working Conference on VIRTUAL ENTERPRISES

Saint-Etienne, France, 11-13 October 2010


Technical Sponsors

Cluster Gospi


Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines
New University of Lisbon


A plurality of scientific communities in Engineering, Economics, Managerial or Socio-Human sciences are encouraged to submit. Both theoretical works and sound case studies are expected. The conference will include technical papers and discussion panels. Proposals for organizing associated events, namely by project consortia focused on the area of Collaborative Networks are welcome.

A list of special sessions and tracks on specific focus will be open. Please consult call for papers. Your proposals of special tracks/sessions are still welcome (submission to the Conference Chairs)

  • CN Management Systems

- Management of business ecosystems
- Management of VO Breeding Environments
- Creation of goal-oriented networks
- Value creation measurement
- New value systems and performance measurement
- Risk and uncertainty management for collaborative networks
- Trust modelling and management
- Innovation management for sustainable networks

  • Theoretical foundation

- Convergence between sustainability and collaboration
- Business models for collaboration
- Economic aspects of collaboration
- Reference models
- Collaboration patterns and forms
- Collaborative Networks in contexts of crisis and turbulence
- Risks and self-healing models
- Service Oriented Enterprise

  • Technological Information Sciences Issues

- Web intelligence for collaborative platforms
- Semantic web for collaboration
- Collaborative machines and sensor networks
- E-services for sustainable networks
- Mediation and collaboration platforms

  • Cognitive issues

- Collaborative knowledge management
- Emergence and self-organizing systems
- Collaboration support ontologies
- Semantic technologies for collaboration
- Memetics and knowledge heritage
- Affective computing in collaboration

  • Collaborative social networks

- Social network analysis
- Societal impacts of collaboration
- Teams and collaboration
- Socio-technical issues for sustainable networks
- Professional virtual communities

  • Collaboration Modelling and Engineering

- Typology of collaborative behaviors
- Architectures and design of Collaborative Networks
- Service oriented architectures
- Context awareness in collaboration processes
- Dynamic virtual organization, Agile organizations

  • Applicative areas (open !)

- Sustainable Logistic Networks
- E-procurement and collaborative procurement
- Healthcare collaborative systems
- Co-Innovation networks
- Active Ageing Networks
- Educational networks
- Transportation and mobility support networks
- Collaborative e-government

Saint-Etienne, France

Saint-Etienne by night

Saint-Etienne, France

Cité of Design

Saint-Etienne, France

Ecole des Mines

Saint-Etienne, France

Modern Art Museum

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