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10th IFIP Working Conference on VIRTUAL ENTERPRISES

Thessaloniki, GREECE, 7-9 October 2009



South East European Research Centre  
New University of Lisbon  

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"Leveraging knowledge for innovation in Collaborative Networks"

Collaborative Networks emerged a decade ago as a very active and constantly growing area. Since then, various CN manifestations such as virtual enterprises and virtual organizations have been supported by large research and business practice communities. Professional Virtual Communities have also suggested new ways of work, putting the emphasis on collaborative networks of human actors. Further to these main lines, several other collaborative forms and patterns of collaborative behavior are emerging. This is not only in industry, but also in service sector, as well as in governmental and non-governmental social organizations, e.g. in collaborative networks for rescue missions involved in disaster situations, time bank organizations, virtual labs, grid manufacturing, elderly care, etc. The concept of breeding environment is now understood as a fundamental entity to enable the formation of dynamic collaborative organizations.

Recent research and developments emphasize the need for exploring innovation management and techniques that will highly improve the operation and interaction within CNs. New technologies around the Internet of the future and Internet of things and services create new opportunities for collaborative systems. Collaborative Networks can also benefit from the application of Cognitive Systems and Affective Computing. Moreover, fundamentals of CNs such as proper theoretical principles, measuring collaboration risks and benefits, new value systems, adequate performance assessment methods, and trust establishment approaches, still represent important research challenges in formulating a sound theory for building CNs. The PRO-VE, as the most focused scientific / technical conference in the area, offers a major opportunity for the presentation and discussion of both latest research developments and industrial practice case studies. Following the IFIP vision, the PRO-VE conference offers a forum for collaboration among different regions of the world.

This conference continues a series of successful conferences of PRO-VE'99 (Porto, Portugal), PRO-VE 2000 (Florianopolis, Brazil), PRO-VE'02 (Sesimbra, Portugal), PRO-VE'03 (Lugano, Switzerland), PRO-VE'04 (Toulouse, France), PRO-VE'05 (Valencia, Spain), PRO-VE'06 (Helsinki, Finland), PRO-VE'07 (Guimaraes, Portugal) and PRO-VE'08 (Poznan, Poland).

PRO-VE proceedings (by Springer) are indexed in the ISI Web of Science.

PRO-VE is ranked "A" in the Australian Ranking of ICT Conferences!

Thessaloniki, Greece

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PRO-VE'09 proceedings

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