Technological Innovation for Resilient Systems 

The 9th Advanced Doctoral Conference on Computing, Electrical and Industrial Systems (DoCEIS' 2018) reflects the growing need for development and integration of resilience into technological systems, due to increased rate of disruptive events around the globe.  Such events are due to a variety of causes – globalization, natural hazards and climate change, economic crisis, demographic shifts, fast technological evolution, cyber-attacks, rise of nationalisms, to name a few – and challenge the way systems are designed, implemented, and managed. Furthermore, rapid advances in Smart Sensors, Actuators, Embedded Intelligence, and their seamless integration into multiple Systems Architecture and Platforms have revolutionized the technological world, and even the way we live. However, the pervasive nature and growing complexity of this technology has also subjected our world to high levels of vulnerabilities, which poses a big threat to human existence.

DoCEIS' 2018 - 9th Advanced Doctoral Conference on Computing, Electrical and Industrial Systems - therefore seeks to present an international and professional platform where Doctoral Students, Researchers and Academicians whose scope of work entails the design, application and adaptation of Resilient Systems in relation to Collaborative Systems, Sensing Technologies, Computer Networks, Internet of Things / Cyber Physical Systems (IoT/CPS), Industrial Systems, Energy Systems, Smart Objects and General Management of all aspects of Technology, that focus on Resilience, can meet at this doctoral conference to share, discuss, and merge ideas.

All papers presented at the conference will be published in IFIP AICT (Advances in Information and Communication Technology).