Technological Innovation for Cloud-based Engineering Systems

The 6th Doctoral Conference on Computing, Electrical and Industrial Systems (DoCEIS’15) will reflect on the growing interests in research, development and application of Cloud-based Engineering Systems.  These systems leverage the emerging “network effect” and rely on the access to large pools of computational resources that are available in  the “cloud”  to  overcome  the  limitations  of  environments  with  scarce processing and information storage capability. Potential  benefits  can  be  found  in  all  engineering  fields  and  at  all  levels,  e.g.  supporting management  and  services provision in SMEs, facilitating high-level sensorial perception based on sensor networks with limited local intelligence, supporting monitoring and diagnosis of a machine with limited computer power, etc.  
This approach can change the way engineering systems are designed while leading to exciting challenges for researchers and industrial practitioners. Instead of trying to increase local computational resources at the level of each component / sub-system, which in some cases might  be technically difficult, the efforts can be  channeled to give connectivity communication capabilities to such components, connecting them to “the cloud”. As a result, not only elasticity and more  robust  security  mechanisms  may  be  acquired,  but  also  wider  access  to  larger  pools of  resources  available  on Internet, opening  the  opportunity  for  the  development  of  higher  value-added services. However,    it    also    requires  systems  engineers  to  pay  attention  to the  underlying  business models, security concerns, and user acceptability aspects.  Therefore,  prospective  contributors  to  DoCEIS’15  are challenged  to  identify  in  which  ways  their  research topics can benefit from, or contribute to cloud-based solutions.   

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