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  CEMOP - Center of Excellence in Microelectronics Optoelectronics and Processes Last modified: 16 June 2003.
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  Start up projects that gave rise to the appearance of CEMOP
International research projects in activity

“Development of organic and inorganic flexible optoelectronic devices”
CAPES/GRICES (2003/2007).
Responsible: E. Fortunato.

This project aims the production and study of hybrid organic and inorganic flexible optoelectonic devices such as OLED’s, thin film transistors and photodiodes for applications such as in displays, sensors for biological and food control systems, etc.

“Materials Engineering and Physics of Quasimorphous Silicon Thin Films for its Application in Large Area Electronics”
Fundação Luso Americana para o Desenvolvimento, FLAD and U.S.A. National Science Foundation(project 85/02, 2002/2004).
Partners: CEMOP/ UNINOVA, CENIMAT (Portugal), Physics Department of Syracuse University (USA).
Responsible: R. Martins and I. Ferreira

The subject matter of this project is in multidisciplinary area, involving elements of Physics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, specifically it is concerned with synthesis and understanding of structural-electronic properties correlation and metastable behaviour of nanostructured silicon thin-film (quasimorphous, qm-Si:H), a new class of non-crystalline silicon-based thin-film semiconductor aiming to improve the know-how about its properties and to exploit its field of applications.

“European Network on Amorphous-Silicon Device Technology-ASINET”
Brite-EuRam, GTC1-2000-28040 (2000/2004).
Partners: CIEMAT (ES), coordinator; ENEA (IT); U. Cranfield (UK); Pilkington (UK); U. Barcelona (ES); CNRS/PICM (FR); Akzo Nobel b.v./ANC (NL); CNR (IT); U. Stuttgart (DE); IST (PT); LAMEL (IT); U. Torino (IT); U. Patras (GR); U. Delft/TUE (NL); UNINOVA/CEMOP (PT); U. Cambridge (UK); U. Utrecht (NL); U. Roma (IT); TNO (NL).
Duration: 02/00 to 05/2004.
Responsible: R. Martins, E. Fortunato

The present project is aimed at the creation of an European Network on Amorphous-Silicon Device Technology. The initiative has been inspired on the exist know-how in Europe in this field and in the need of Europe to be present in further developments concerning the application of this technology.

“Development of new production techniques for highly efficient polymorphous solar cells – H-Alpha Solar”
Brite-EuRam, NNE5-1999-00133
Partners: U. Eindhoven/TUE (NL, coordinator), U. Orleans/GREMI (FR); CNRS/PICM (FR); UNINOVA/CEMOP (PT); ATECNIC/PORTSOL (PT); Balzers A. G./BPS (LI); Akzo Nobel Chemical b.v./ANC (NL).
Duration: 04/2000 a 08/2004.
Responsible: R. Martins

In this project, new production technologies will be developed for the production of highly efficient and cost effective solar cells based on the application of the innovative polymorphous silicon material. The material and the production processes will be optimised by the participating research groups and transferred to medium scale pilot lines in the manufacturing industry. Both in-line batch processes and continuous roll-to-roll processes will be addressed. At the end of the project, a perspective to large-scale industrial production at a cost lower than 1 Euro/Wp will be created.

“European Masters on Renewable Energy”
Partners: EUREC Agency; U. Loughborough; U. Nova de Lisbon; U. Northumbria; Technical U. Athens; U. Saragoça; U. Kassel; U. Córsega, École dês Mines de Paris; U. Athens.
Starting: October 2002
Responsible: L. Guimarães and E. Fortunato

“University Science Park – Organizational Framework (USP)”
TEMPUS UM _ JEP-16090-2001.
Partners: U. T. Vienna (coordinator); U. Novi Sad – Yugoslavia; U. Belgrade – Yugoslavia; U. Banja Luka – Bosnia Yergozinia; MITOS S.A. – Greece; U. Middlesex – U.K. ; IVAM NRW e.V. – Germany; CENIMAT – Portugal; U.T. Delft – NL.
Duration: 3 years
Responsible: E. Fortunato

To establish a road map concerning the establishment of science park in Yugoslavia with technical and scientific links to some well known European institutes working in several engineering fields, including materials science and engineering

“Innovative solar modules using the entire spectrum of the sunlight by concentration and dispersion”
Partners: MBB (DE, coordinator); Photowatt (FR); FCTUNL (PT).
Duration: 05/1999 to 12/2003.
Responsible: L. Guimarães

The aim of this project is to define processes that lead to the enhancement of light collection on solar cell modules (crystalline or not), for industrial applications.

“Inspection of large soldered joints and optimisation of soldering process - LASOL”
Brite-EuRam, BRE-CT97-4689
Partners: AEG (DE, coordinator); JENOPTKIS (DE); FERBV (DE), Fraunhoffer Inst. (DE); NMRC (IRL); TEKELEC (PT); UNINOVA/CEMOP (PT).
Duration: 09/1998 a 06/2003.
Responsible: R. Martins and F. Soares

Vision systems for 3D inspection find application in a wide variety of industries, besides the ones related to inspect and to control quality of large size soldering joins, as it is the purpose of the LASOL project.
The aim is to develop the tools of an inspection system to provide significant increases in resolution and speed of data capture, compared with conventional CCD camera systems. Here, the operation principle behind the technique is to allow that the X ray produced will impinge a centillator (to protect operators and to allow an indirect detection process) that will emit light which will be captured by a detector (e.g. a photodiode connected to a switch matrix, to provide information on the spot position considered), as shown in the sketches below.

“Co-ordination of microelectronics packaging and interconnection projects: Environment and trends for the development of European solutions - COMPETE”
thematic network BETC-1013/97
Partners: MTA (FR, coordenador); Alcatel (FR); Siemens (DE); ABB (DE); Phillips (NL); Thomson (FR); Bosch (DE); CEMOP (PT); NMRC (IRL); IMEC (BE); SEAT (SP); RCA (GB); Osprey Metals (NL); MMC Packages (GB); NMRC (IRL); IMEC (BE); INESC (PT); UNINOVA/CEMOP (PT); BULL (DK); CNM (SP); Ericsson (SE); DASSAULT (FR); GEC MARCONI (GB); MATRA (FR); VTT (FL); Smartpack Tecnol. (IT); CIEMAT (SP); Heraeus (DE).
Duration: 01/1998 to 06/2003
Responsible: Profs. R. Martins, E. Fortunato.

The aim of this network is to establish an European road map concerning problems related to interconnection and packaging in electronics aiming to solve the challenging issues in terms of miniaturisation, heat dissipation, frequency increase, functionality integration through multiple layers, embedded components.
The network, initially structured around a few working groups, expanded progressively under the impulse of the members to a structured environment counting to date 9 working groups, covering the major issues in P&I for the European industry, most of them involved in this network

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