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  CEMOP - Center of Excellence in Microelectronics Optoelectronics and Processes Last modified: 16 June 2003.
Publications by Year
During the more than 20 years, our team of researchers at the Center has written many scientific papers published in the most prestigious scientific magazines and newspapers, both nationally and internationally. Here are some of the most recent works published.

Books and Chapters of books

R. MARTINS, I. FERREIRA, E. FORTUNATO, L. GUIMARÃES. “Materiais e Dispositivos Fotovoltaicos”. “Os Materiais dos Anos 2000”, edts P.J. Ferreira e M.A. Fortes, IST press pp. 305-316 (2003).

Papers in Journals-of SCI

V. ASSUNÇÃO, E. FORTUNATO, A. MARQUES, R. MARTINS. “Influence of the deposition pressure on the properties of transparent and conductive ZnO:Ga thin film produced by rf magnetron sputtering at room temperature”. Thin Solid Films, 427 (2003) pp. 401-406.

I. FERREIRA, E. FORTUNATO, R. MARTINS. “From porous to compact films by changing the onset oh HW-CVD process”. Thin Solid Films, 427 (2003) pp. 225-230.

I. FERREIRA, M.E.V. COSTA, E. FORTUNATO, R. MARTINS. “Combining HW-CVD and PECVD techniques to produce a/?c-Si:H films”. Thin Solid Films, 427 (2003) pp. 231-235.

Papers in Proceedings of Conferences

E. FORTUNATO, A. GONÇALVES, A. MARQUES, V. ASSUNÇÃO, I. FERREIRA, H. ÁGUAS, L. PEREIRA, AND R. MARTINS. “Gallium zinc oxide coated polymeric substrates for optoelectronic applications”. MRS, Spring Meeting, Symposium H, flexible electronics, (2003), in press.

E. FORTUNATO, V. ASSUNÇÃO, A. MARQUES, I. FERREIRA, H. ÁGUAS, L. PEREIRA, R. MARTINS, “Characterization of transparent and conductive ZnO:Ga thin films produced by rf sputtering at room temperature”. MRS, Spring Meeting, Symposium B, compounds for solar cell applications, (2003), in press.

H. ÁGUAS, L. PEREIRA, A. GOULLET, R. SILVA, E. FORTUNATO, R. MARTINS. “Correlation Between the Tunnelling Oxide and I-V Curve of MIS Photodiodes". MRS, Spring Meeting, Symposium A, Amorphous and heterogeneous silicon-based films, (2003), in press.


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