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ASSEMIC OPEN ACADEMIC SEMINAR: Emerging electronic materials and devices for microtechnology applications
UNINOVA-PORTUGAL, May 8th & 9th, 2006

Abstracts Information ... [read more]
Seminar OPEN ACADEMIC SEMINAR: Emerging electronic materials and devices for microtechnology applications
UNINOVA-PORTUGAL, May 8th & 9th, 2006
This open seminar is covered by the ASSEMIC project “Advanced Methods and Tools for Handling and Assembly in Microtechnology” – MRTN-2003-504826 and aims to spread knowledge acquired during the project through ... [read more]
Job Position Available

Experienced Researcher position available at CEMOP-UNINOVA
Candidate application deadline is (extended) 28th February 2005. Within the european research training network ASSEMIC http://www.assemic.net/ The position will be supported by the European FP6 Marie Curie Programme. The project is concerned with handling and assembly in microtechnology. The network programme includes 14 partner organisations within the ... [read more]

ICANS 21 in Portugal
The 21st International Conference on Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Semiconductors (previously known as International Conference on Amorphous and Microcrystalline Semiconductors - ICAMS) will be held in Portugal in August 2005. The chairman of the conference will be Dr. Rodrigo Martins. DR. Rodrigo and his team has organized the very successfull Materiais 2003 Conference. More details about ICANS 21 please visit the official conference website.
CEMOP Excellency Recognized
After an external evaluation by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (a governmental agency for science and technology), CEMOP (within CENIMAT) was again recognized as the leading cutting edge in Europe in the field of thin film microelectronics and optoectronics. The external evaluators clearly recognized CEMOP, giving the group the highest remarks and ranking it as excellent.
First fully transparent thin film transistor
CEMOP developed the first fully transparent thin film transistor based
on the exclusive use of oxides! This work has been under the responsability of Prof. E. Fortunato, with the cooperation of G. Lavareda. More detailed information will be available in the site soon.

Flexible electronics
Ongoing work in producing fully transparent active matrice for display application will soon be disclosed.

Training Teachers
Between the 11th and the 16th of July (2003), the 1st Training Program in Microelectronic Technologies entitled “Microelectronics and Electronic Materials in High School” was held in the Department of Material Science, under the PRODEP III directive. It concluded with success... »
  DARP, American National Foundation and FLAD visit CEMOP
During the month of May, CEMOP received the visit of DARP and in June the visit of American National Foundation, together with FLAD, aiming to stablish new projects in the field of flexibleelectronics.
Materiais 2003
Historic Conference
The Materiais 2003 Conference was a truly a historic and insightfull event. Included among the more than 500 participants were scientists, company managers, official goverment representatives, and students of engineering. The three day program, from 14th of April until 16th of April 2003, had several parallel sessions,... »
Message from the Director
It is with immense pleasure that, as the Director of the (CEMOP), I invite you to visit our website.  »
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