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  CEMOP - Center of Excellence in Microelectronics Optoelectronics and Processes Last modified: 11 June 2003.
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Available Means and Infrastructures

CEMOP is equipped with a clean room which is divided into three parts: 10(4), 10(3), and 10(2) particles per square foot, with a total area of 300m2; two characterization laboratories, with a total area of 150m2; two product and process development laboratories, with a total area of 70m2; one electronics' repair laboratory, workshops and a products' warehouse.

In terms of processing, CEMOP is, at this moment, the only infrastructure capable of doing pre-industrial work in the areas of electronic, optoelectronic and microelectronic devices in Portugal.
Outside View of Building
The UNINOVA building where CEMOP is accommodated is also shared with the CRI. The building has two floors. The clean room is installed on the lower level material. The researchers' and administration's offices are located on the upper floor.
Outside view of CEMOP
Class 1000
CEMOP's clean room is divided into two parts: the Class 1000 and Class 10000 areas. The photolithography equipment is installed in the Class 1000 area, and because of this there is the need to use yellow lighting so that printing processes can take place.
Yellow Zone
Class 10000
CEMOP's biggest production area is the Class 10000 area. In it are all the laser, thin film depositing and micro-welding equipments, to name a few.
White Zone
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